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Maria & Eric in Carriere, MS *****
It is difficult to find the words that describe our gratitude for Pam. This lady is now a life long friend of mine, and has gone above and beyond our expectations. My husband and I searched for several years to find a solid, dedicated and loving breeder. We feel so lucky to have found Pam who is the perfect example of all that we ever wanted. Not only are our puppies the most beautiful puppies we have seen, their temperament and manners are perfection. (We own three..two brothers and their sister)
I have been using Pam since 2015 and don't know what I would do without her! I met her when my husband and I were searching the web for a breeder and just loved her. When we ended up getting a puppy, I called her immediately. She does everything from breeding to socializing to training to just loving all the dogs! She is highly dependable and always does what she says she will do.

Pam has been there for us every step of the way. We feel so comfortable knowing we can contact her at any time and she will be there to answer any questions we have, along with giving us guidance with any concerns that may arise. Finding and selecting a breeder is very stressful and we are beyond pleased with the choice we have made. This breeder truly loves her puppies. My husband and I were blessed enough to come to her home and see the awesome and warm environment the puppies are bred and raised in. I will never use another breeder for my fur babies. Our little boy's and girl are a dream come true and we will forever be grateful to Pam and Loyal Luvs Schnauzers.
Robert in Dallas, TX *****
Many thanks to Loyal Luv's for the top quality puppies. Not to mention the love and caring for their puppies for potential owners. So helpful before and after. Truly a Pleasure.
Duncan & Mariah in Carriere, MS *****
Pam and myself have become friends through this process. She is a hobby breeder with tons of knowledge and puppies to prove it. Everyone who see my Ryley says “she is the prettiest Miniature Schnauzer they have very seen. “ I was so impressed with Ryley; I placed a deposit on another puppy that will be ready soon. Her puppies are fantastic. I have owned many Miniature Schnauzers in my life; Ryley is by far my favorite out of all of them because of her temperament, conformation. I could not be more pleased with her puppies or bottom line, dealing with her. She is the easiest breeder I have ever dealt with.

Thank you so much Pam for taking pride in breeding quality Miniature Schnauzers
Connie in Carriere, MS *****
I found Pam on Facebook just messing around and I started looking for her post everyday more than once. I finely got up enough courage to message her which I did a few times. She was up front with me about everything explaining deposit and delivery. I had to wait two weeks before I got her, she had to be eight weeks old. We both drove about two hours at a meeting place, finally my baby Bella had arrived. Absolutely gorgeous gal smart very social and paper trained. I love my Bella baby. Pam is genuine the real deal very honest lady. She's up front about everything even her breeders. I can tell she has worked hard and done her homework to be able to produce the quality of pups, her own signature. Thank You Pam for every thing

God Bless
Joyce in Carriere, MS *****
Tinkerbell is the sweetest pup. I have never learn so much from a pup as much as her. She feels when I am in anxiety and climbs on my chest until I feel better, then she runs and runs all around me making me laugh. I've never seen this before! I love her so much !
Kenny in Carriere, MS *****
Hi Pam I just wanted to say your puppies are so well socialized and smart. One can tell they have had a lot of time spent with them. We love them an certainly would consider purchasing from you again. Thank you for the love and time you put into your puppies. Your puppies are great, thank you
Cathleen in Carriere, MS *****
Pam has awesome dogs! She also has beautiful puppies. She's the most honest down-to-earth person I know! She also loves Jesus, which is very important to me because I see her walk personally. And she cares for her family very well and very deeply. And she treats her dogs like family too. So if you're looking at her puppies, know that she will do you right!
Bonnie in Carriere, MS *****
Loyal Luv's Schnauzers is responsible for major happiness in our lives!! We lost our beautiful white schnauzer to heart congestion last April. We swore never again!! However I saw a picture of beautiful puppies and couldn't resist. I contacted Pam and instantly felt as tho I had a true friendship. Pam Convinced me that we needed
A beautiful black puppy, (Precious). We also decided to give a permanent home to Snowflake. (Snowflake is the mom of world famous Quinnelan. She is no longer able to have pups and needed a forever home. They are beautiful, entertaining, We are so proud of our beauties!! Both dogs are amazing and well socialized by the family. Thank you to the whole family for providing these beauties. May God continue to bless the family.
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