Good with Kids

Are schnauzers good with children? The first thing that we'll review is the personality of a schnauzer. They have a very distinctive personality which is known to be lively, spirited, happy, sporty, athletic, loyal and energetic. Schnauzers are truly engaging as well as interactive social pets that bring a lot of personality to a home. This makes them a great family pet.

Actually, the miniature schnauzer is a quite popular family pet. However, each schnauzer's personality will vary. You will have the ones that long to romp around, cuddle and are just truly great with kids. On the other hand, you will have the ones that prefer adults. This especially holds true to the teacup size. No matter what type of breed you are buying, it's best to talk to the breeder to find the puppy in the litter that is best for your family. It is recommended that you stay away from the alpha personality and important that you go with one that has an easy-going personality.

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