Pet Nanny

If you live too far away to pick up your puppy, we have you covered!

Loyal Luv's Schnauzers can help you contact a pet nanny to be with your puppy during travel. A pet nanny will pick up your new puppy at our airport, keep in flight and take care of your puppy, and hand-deliver your baby to you at your chosen airport!

We have two ways for you to handle travel arrangements for your new schnauzer baby:
1. You can choose to hire a pet nanny directly.
2. Allow Loyal Luv's Schnauzers to handle it for you.

The puppy can be picked up by you and their new family. If for any reason you can not pick up your puppy and you choose to hire a pet nanny (we do not ship puppies), whether you hire personally or you go through “Loyal Luv’s”, you are not purchasing your puppy sight unseen. You are hiring a pet nanny that has every right to and will refuse an unhealthy puppy, to pick up your puppy from me, in which they will be responsible for your puppy until he/she is hand-delivered to you.

Call or email Loyal Luv's Schnauzer to find your puppy today!