Schnauzer Sizes

Find more information about the breed sizes here! The images pictured here are an example of the different sizes schnauzer breeds can come in. Schnauzers come in a wide range of sizes and colors patterns. Outdoorsy and nature-focused families may want a Schnauzer to keep up on the hiking trails and camping trips. A Giant or Standard Schnauzer is a great match for athletic types or large yards for playtime. Schnauzers love being a part of the activity with their people!

Miniature Schnauzers are better fits for families that love snuggling as much as they enjoy going out! They are ideal pets for nearly every type of home. Friendly, smart, and obedient personalities make Schnauzers more family than pet!

Toy and teacup Schnauzers are perfect for companionship and affection! They are fiercely loyal, charming, and interactive! Despite their small size, toy schnauzers train well and make fun-loving yardwork company!

Black & Silver Teacup Schnauzer

Teacup Schnauzers weigh no more than 7 pounds. These are adorable, tiny creatures! Being so little leaves a lot of room for their giant personalities. Teacup Schnauzers are every bit as smart and interactive as the larger breeds.

Teacups require some extra attention due to their diminutive size. They are often unable to climb stairs or jump down from couches and beds. We find that pet stairs and ramps make this a non-issue! Your Teacup Schnauzer will then be able to join you anywhere. Giving them a collared bell or harness helps keep track of your tiny Teacups as they find excitement and adventure in the yard.

They are happier in warmer environments. A heated bed and warm rooms go a long way to stop the sniffles from turning into an upper respiratory infection! Their size makes them a huge draw for children and toddlers. Always monitor these interactions! Teacup puppies are not very suitable for households with young children. Keep this in mind when considering a teacup schnauzer!

White Toy Schnauzer

Toy Schnauzers are one of the most popular breeds of small dogs! It's easy to see why. Toy Schnauzers are friendly, engaging, and affectionate. They make great pets for nearly any type of home (apartment, farm, condo, etc). Toy Schnauzers are very intelligent and loyal. They typically weigh 7-11 pounds and range from 9-13 inches tall.

Small size doesn't stop this Schnauzer! They are wonderful candidates for dog training and the fun-loving breed is happy to take walks, race about the yard, or curl up for a snooze. Remember, happy dogs are the ones with plenty of exercise!

Toy Schnauzers are generally very healthy and can tolerate harsher weather climates! Their naturally friendly temperament makes them great family pets for households with children. Toy Schnauzers make great playmates for any age!

Black & Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Your Mini Schnauzer puppy comes to your home ready for everyday life! We socialize our puppies from the day they are born to make the transition to your home smooth and happy for everyone! Mini Schnauzers are incredibly social dogs. They are spirited, cheerful, and interactive puppies. They are wonderful as family pets!

Miniature Schnauzers are better fits for families that love snuggling as much as they enjoy going out! They are hypoallergenic and ideal pets for nearly every type of home. Friendly, smart, and obedient personalities make Schnauzers more family than pet!

Typically weighing 12-30 pounds, mini Schnauzers are generally healthy. Add an outgoing personality and good looks, and you've got a friend for life!

Black & Silver Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzers are the medium-sized breed! Sociable and protective, Standard Schnauzers typically weigh 31-49 pounds. Smart, energetic breeds like these need activity to keep them happy! Several days a week of exercise and playtime creates a gentle, loyal companion.

They love to play with people and other dogs! A common trait for the agile breed is a demand to be a part of the activity. They love hiking and other outdoor activities!

Standard Schnauzers are generally a very healthy breed. Staying aware of signs of hip dysplasia and eye problems is always a good idea for medium-large breeds. Naturally intelligent, light training is suggested to give them guidance.

Black Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzers are the larger version of the Standard Schnauzer. They are wildly intelligence and loyal. This breed is perfectly suited for advanced training! Giant Schnauzers can weigh 50-95 pounds at adulthood. This is a GIANT Schnauzer!

With all that extra Schnauzer to love comes their equally big personalities. Perky and upbeat, they are great workout companions! An active household is strongly encouraged for families interested in the Giant Schnauzer breed. Like all Schnauzer breeds, they love being a part of the family. A dedicated owner or dog playmate is suggested to keep them happy and healthy!

Giant Schnauzers are known for being alert, watchful, and deeply loyal to family. They are easily trained, making them wonderful pets for families!

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