Easy To Train

Anyone familiar with the schnauzer breed can tell you how smart and easy to train they are! In our experience, they are more human than dog. The AKC describes schnauzers as smart, trainable, and consistently cheerful." In the beginning of the schnauzer breed, they were often used for military messengers, rat catchers, and cattle drovers. These kinds of jobs required intelligent breeding and trainability. Their intelligence makes them equally suited for therapy and service dogs!

In the beginning days of Schnauzers, they were companions to farmers and tradesmen. These bright terriers were perfect rat catchers, cattle dogs, and military messengers. In today's world, Schnauzers find themselves wonderfully suited to being watchdogs, therapy and service dogs, and even search and rescue! Their easy to train personality and quick learning ability suits nearly anything you have the drive and patience to teach them!

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