Great with Other Pets

One of the questions you might have about schnauzers is if they are good with other pets. The answer is yes. Their basic natures include connecting, being social, involved and interactive. All the makings for a great companion. They are also sporty, athletic, playful and affectionate. Truly finding it rewarding being a friend to another dog.

Your next question maybe if they are good with cats. Yes, they definitely can be great with cats. This especially holds true if they were raised together. If the schnauzer or cat are brought in as adults, it could go in either direction.

Are they good with other critters? Since their breed is a terrier, their natural instinct is to hunt after vermin. Pets including snakes, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice or rats can be at risk. Extra caution is recommended if you do bring your schnauzer into a home with these types of animals.

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