Schnauzer Colors

Brown Schnauzer puppy, gray and white schnauzer puppy, white schnauzer puppy

The AKC now accepts a range of colors for schnauzer registration! You can contact the AKC for more information regarding schnauzer color and registration.

Loyal Luv's Schnauzers is very proud of the wide range of colors and patterns our puppies are bred with! From the standard to the newly accepted, you will find the classic good looks and big personalities in every one!

Pictured below are examples of schnauzer coloring.


One of the more common colors you will see on schnauzer breeds, black is a classic favorite. Black schnauzers are solid black. It is acceptable to find some white on the chin, toes, or chest. They will have black pads and a black nose.

Black Schnauzer Puppies

Black & Silver

Black & Silver is another of the more standard colors you will find on a Schnauzer. With solid black bodies and copper markings. The typically pattern starts at the eyebrows, inside of the ears, across the chest, down th legs to their feet, and on the underside of their tail. Often, these copper markings lighten significantly as they age turning into the silver coloring in adulthood.

Schnauzer coloring described as "Phantom" simply refers to how brightly the markings are at birth. Black & Silver Phantoms are not any different than Black & Silvers.

Black & Silver Schnauzers

Left: Black & Silver | Right: Black & Silver Phantom

Black & Tan

Black & Tan is a gorgeous new Schnauzer color. With solid black bodies and copper markings at the eyebrows, inside of the ears, across the chest, down the legs to their feet and on the underside of their tail.

Schnauzer coloring described as "Phantom" simply refers to how brightly the markings are at birth. Black & Tan Phantoms are not any different than Black & Tans.

Black & Tan Schnauzer puppy


Platinums are beautiful, light silver Schnauzers that usually change over time from a light Salt & Pepper or a light Liver Pepper to a Platinum.

Platinum Schnauzer

Salt & Pepper

Salt & Pepper can vary greatly. They can be so dark as to resemble a Black & Silver or so light, they could be mistaken for a White at a distance. The one true factor that determines a Salt & Pepper is the banded hairs! Each strand of hair will have three shades of gray. Dark Salt & Peppers are predominantly darker on birth. Lighter Salt & Peppers are often called Platinum Silvers. For all Salt & Pepper schnauzers, age gives the beautiful silver color we love!

Salt & Pepper Schnauzer puppy

Liver (Chocolate)

Liver, or Chocolate, is the brown version of the classic black schnauzer. They have solid brown bodies, possibly with some white on the chest, toes, or chin. Liver Schnauzers will have a chocolate nose and toes.

Liver & Tan

Liver & Tan is the chocolate counterpart to the Black & Silver Schnauzers. With liver/chocolate bodies and cream/tan markings on their eyebrows, snout, inside their ears, across the chest, down their legs, and underneath their tails. Liver & Tan Schnauzers will have a chocolate nose and pads.

Schnauzer coloring described as "Phantom" simply refers to how brightly the markings are at birth. Liver & Tan Phantoms are not any different than Liver & Tans.

Liver & Tan Schnauzer Puppies

Left: Liver & Tan | Right: Liver & Tan Phantom

Liver Pepper

Liver Pepper is the chocolate counterpart to Salt & Pepper Schnauzers. They can range from a very dark liver to a very light liver color at birth. Liver Pepper will have the characteristic banded hairs, same as Salt & Pepper. The banded hairs will be in shades of brown/chocolate. Liver Peppers tend to fade in color into adulthood. Liver Pepper Schnauzers will have a chocolate nose and pads.

Liver Pepper Schnauzer


White Schnauzers are elegantly beautiful! Born White, these Schnauzer puppies remain white their entire lives. These are not cream-colored Schnauzer puppies that age White, either! They are not albino. A White Schnauzer will have a black nose and pads.

White Schnauzers

White Chocolate

A White Chocolate Schnauzer has a solid white coat. They will have a chocolate nose, pads, and eyelids.

White Chocolate Schnauzer Adults


Cream is a newer color for the Schnauzer breed. They are a beautiful, light, creamy color that may have a light red tint or what some people may call a "Wheaton." They can have a black nose or chocolate nose.

Cream Schnauzer


Red Schnauzers are a beautiful, amazing new color that is a darkened version of the cream with a red tone. They can have a black nose or chocolate nose.

Red Schnauzer


Sable Schnauzers have black-tipped hairs. The rest of the hair coloring can be Gold to Yellow, Silver, Grey, or Tan. The darkness of the coat depends on how much of each hair is black versus the lighter color. Totally clear Sable Schnauzers might only have black in their whiskers. As with any color Schnauzer, they can also be Parti.

Sable & Sable Parti Schnauzer puppies

Left: Sable | Right: Sable Parti

Parti Markings

A parti patterned Schnauzer is a bases color covered in patches of white. A solid Black Schnauzer with white markings is a Black Parti. A Black & Silver Parti will have the distinct white eyebrows and snout as well as additional white patches throughout. Parti pattern can be found in nearly all the Schnauzer colors. Salt & Pepper Parti, Liver Parti, Liver & Tan Parti, Liver Pepper Parti, and even a White Schnauzer can be carrying a Parti coat. A White Parti will only display as White since the Parti masks the base coat.

Black Parti, Liver Parti, and Black & Silver Parti

Ticking Markings

Ticking is often called speckled or flecked. It is a pattern of small spots found only in the white patches of a dog's coat! Ticking reveals the base coat of the dog underneath the white patches. Ticking is not visible at birth. The coloring appears as the puppy grows. An example of this can be seen with Dalmation pups.

Typically, ticking appears heaviest on the snout and legs. If the dog displays as ticking, we see it here first. The ticking pattern can range from just a few spots to an all over pattern. A very closely pattern ticking is often called roan or mottled.

Black & Silver Ticking Schnauzer

Merle Markings

Merle coats are mottled patches of color in the solid or parti base coat. This often comes with blue or odd-colored eyes. The effect is absolutely beautiful in Schnauzers.

This pattern can affect all base colors! The colors on paws and noses may be a mottled pink and black, giving them additional charming merle accents!

Black & Silver Merle Schnauzers

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